Winning Through Alignment

    I believe that true value is only realized when WHO you are and WHAT you do coexist. My unique and targeted approach to coaching is not intended to change you, just make you a better version of yourself.


    I have devoted my life to serving people/organizations and through this journey have learned that even the tallest and strongest trees still need water to grow.


    It is my mission to help leaders and teammates successfully maximize their skills, passions, brand and networks to accomplish tough and complex problems so they deliver maximum and measurable value to their organizations.


    All of us will and often must take unique paths to reach our desired destination. Anything I explore with my clients, I must practice myself. My journey has shaped my approach to coaching, learning and living.

  • My Journey

    "Everyday you wake up, you play a game of choice.

    You can choose to be extraordinary, ordinary or forgotten and although each of these choices is tied to specific actions, they all share one common theme...... YOU!"

  • Texas Military Institute


    I grew up a Texas boy with no military family history. I was presented with an opportunity to attend a historic military high school. This decision, even though it was made with little information, presented me with opportunities , connections and insights that would become the foundation of a life full of unknowns, excitement and memories.

  • West Point


    While in high school, I had a mentor tell me that I should look into a military college in NY called West Point . I visited and fell in love with the uniforms and rich history. Over a stressful, yet impactful 4 year journey, I learned what it meant to be a leader of character with a strong ethical and moral compass.

  • Flight School


    Post West Point, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in the Army, but thought flying would be incredibly interesting. While in flight school, I stood with my roommates and, on our 42 inch TV, watched 2 commercial planes fly into the Twin Towers. At that moment, I knew that life would never be the same and war was in my certain future.

  • Iraq and Afghanistan


    I spent the first years of my military career flying Apache helicopters and leading Soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. These experiences showed me the power of team and the ability to accomplish remarkable and difficult tasks by leveraging individual differences. My appreciation for diversity was born.

  • University of Notre Dame


    7 years into my Army career, I was asked by West Point to come help diversify its student body, but before I reported, I had the opportunity to get a secondary degree from an institution of my choice. Without hesitation, I selected Notre Dame and spent 2 wonderful years cheering on the Irish and getting my MBA.

  • West Point Admissions


    Serving as the Head of Diversity Admissions and Enrollment for West Point was one of the most impactful jobs in my professional career. In this role and with a great team, I spearheaded and developed initiatives that produced, at that time, the most ethnically diverse class in West Point's 200 year history.

  • AnesthesiaOS


    After 13 years of military service, I decided to separate from the Army and venture down the road of entrepreneurship. I helped build the company AnesthesiaOS and served as the Chief Operating Officer. Through hard work, creativity and diligence, we were able to build an organization that was named the Dell Healthcare Start-Up of the Year.

  • Citi Group Diversity


    Although my first dive into entrepreneurship was an amazing and anchoring learning experience, I could not pass on the chance to enter back into the world of diversity. I immediately jumped when presented with the opportunity to change the face of financial services as the Head of Diversity for all of the Wall Street businesses of the global bank, Citi Group.

  • Icon Talks


    Educating youth on the "power of possibility" has always been a important life pillar. In 2015, I was blessed with the opportunity to build a special concept with my brother and childhood friends. ICON Talks was founded on the principal that an icon is someone who inspires not only through their innate talents, but also by manifesting their purpose and passion through how they live their life and touch the lives of others.

  • Conduent Inc.


    In mid-June 2017, I received an email from Conduent, a large digital interactions company with 80K employees over 20 countries, asking if I would be interested in helping them build out their diversity and inclusion office. I initially entered the organization as the Chief Diversity Officer, was asked to be the Chief of Staff to the CEO and now run their largest business line of 25K employees as the Global Head of End User Experience.

  • Service First Jewelry


    In 2018, the the roads of business, diversity and entrepreneurship converged and I started a jewelry company that specialized in custom engagement rings for the men and women of the military. The company quickly grew and expanded outside of just rings. It is now a social and business vehicle to tell the stories of those who serve (military, firefighters, police, first responders, etc) through beautifully designed jewelry.

  • Columbia Executive and Organizational Coaching


    I truly believe that my success is a direct reflection of my ability to not only stay true to myself, but more importantly leverage WHO I am. Along the way, I have watched many talented people not reach their potential because they have been told, or believe, that who they are is not enough. My goal is to change that mindset through coaching.



    Complacency is the enemy of progress. I must continue to push my learning boundaries. The Hogan Personality Inventory helps employers better understand how employees will perform when they are at their best. Having this certification makes me a more informed, insightful and impactful coach.

  • Simple Coaching Delivery Philosophy

    Life it Too Short to be Complex


    People Not Programs

    Sorry you will find no curriculum here. The topics covered and strategies developed are tailored and based on our interaction and your personal objectives. People are dynamic. Programing is for computers.


    Time is Money

    We all wish each day had 25 hours. Since we can't create time, it is important to maximize what we have. If you are dedicated to personal growth, I will ensure that my schedule works with yours. No time is no excuse.


    Location Matters

    A fish can't run fast nor a cheetah swim far. Specific environments maximize performance. Whether at a coffee shop, on the lake or hundreds of miles away through Skype, I meet you where you thrive. Location matters.


    Sticks and Stones

    Whoever said "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" was happy with being average. We need to hear things that hurt our egos, but fertilize our potential. You will become comfortable with being uncomfortable.


    Not an Orchestra

    If you can't talk, then I can't help. The quality of our engagement will be directly correlated to the caliber of the conversation. If you just plan to listen, then I will save both of us time and buy you a ticket to the orchestra.


    Keep the Light On

    There are a million reasons why we may need to go our separate ways. I will not hold you hostage with a long term contract. If you choose to walk away, then I will be your Motel 6 and "keep the light on for you." Never too late to grow.

  • Real Impact

    Over the past 15 years, I have had the privilege of coaching amazing talent that spans industries, organizations, levels, and countries. Here are just a few of the organizations that my clients represent:

  • Coaching Testimonials